How to plan a paleo holidays

Holiday time, probably most of you have somewhere he leaves, flies, or planning a holiday and leisure. Often appears a question: “how to survive with the paleo diet outside the home and its own kitchen?”. Today a hint how to prepare for your vacation to our diet that’s not suffered.

I used to travel it was torment for me. Even short, a few hours ‘ travel out me terribly, and what only a day trip by car or by plane. We get up in the morning, we pack up our time chasing, eat a quick breakfast, we get to the car, and after a while you start to feel hunger.

Paleo HolidaysSlowly we start to look around for something to eat, you do not have too much time searching for a restaurant or shops, or preparation of food on the road. We are only easily available space i.e. petrol stations and roadside fast-food. There is in the range of our vision emerge candy bars, potato chips, hot dogs or burgers, which rather to the healthiest meals do not belong.

And all this can be avoided by one simple thing – planning.

How to plan a paleo holidays

Certainly I have often sometimes You eat paleo snacks that are perfect for on the go.

And here is my list of favorite things, that I’m taking on every trip and work perfectly:

1. Bananas, the basis of each tour-filling, not dirty and I think everyone likes them.

2. Beef jerky, the perfect snack on the go, easy to carry and store, even as it is hot.

3. Nuts, almonds, gourmet snacks for snacking. Once in the car disappeared during our trip tony candies, jellies and other sweets. Now we try to instead of sugar were natural things. We can also prepare earlier energy bars, recipe here, which provide us with enough energy to survive day or tiring journey.

4. Vegetables, my favorite: cauliflower, carrot, kale (preferably pre-prepared with him potato chips), celery, cherry tomatoes, everything can be easily and quickly eat (plus is that you can quickly prepare them a salad).

5. Fruits, apples, grapes, avocados, is also a good idea to mix grapefruit and pour it into the bottle, the cocktail can SIP while travelling (not dirty your hands, do not leave a stain on clothes).

6. Eggs cooked, another quick and easy to prepare meal before your trip.

7. Muffins, I recommend for example. This recipe, because you can store them quite a long time.

8. A variety of dried fruit, such as figs, apricots, or now as quite popular fruit chips or coconut.

9. Lot of water to drink.

How to plan a paleo holidays


Each trip is a great portable refrigerator. On the market are available in any size and with different parameters, so everyone can find something to suit your needs.

When planning a vacation, try to think ahead of where and how we are going to prepare your own meals.

With a kitchen on the place to draw up a list of things that will happen to us and that you need to take away from the House for example. coconut oil, olive oil, salt, pepper and other spices, our favorite little Coke flour and almond, a good knife.

The rest of the things I’m trying to buy on the spot. Therefore, instead of hotels and all inclusive will choose bed and breakfast, or rooms with a fully equipped kitchen, where I have access to the fridge and i can then safely prepare your dishes.

I also try to choose such a place, I have close to the grocery store, or (to check for example in google maps), where you can often get interesting, and unique for every day things. I love to cook with local products.

But not everybody likes to Cook, it is also a good Tavern or restaurant.
For the most part we’ll get some meat with salad, just watch out for dressing as it is often done in restaurants sauces contain gluten and sugar.

In the pubs do not be afraid to ask questions, share dishes on the other and twist the nose, sometimes a little better pomarudzić than 2-3 days to get sick. Look in the restaurant websites like Trip Advisor or Google. You can get there know if serve for example. gluten-free meals, which is already half of success.

If all else fails, try something “paleo” or. Burger without bread, or rice and meat. You have to know what you can afford. In exceptional cases, I agree on meat fried in vegetable oil, but gluten.

The most important thing is to play well and do not stress the things for which we have no control over!

Now show off where you choose or how you came back, and, above all, what did you eat ;)

Autumn fruits and vegetables

A prescription for health in the fall is simpler than you may think – on our table should reign vegetables and fruit.

Few months of the year, that we have such an abundance of culinary products. But nature also knows well what it does: just-right. Vegetables and fruits are now most needed us, valuable components.

Vegetables on the Blues

Autumn fruits and vegetables
Consumed in large quantities, prevent the autumn equinoxes distress. Istra-are in vitamin C, be-ta-carotene and folic acid, strengthening the nervous system. According to nutritionists autumn worth eat as much cabbage (sauerkraut), as well as lettuce, spinach and zucchini. Compose them in different ways – in salads, soups, stews … Experiment, test, interesting recipes. Some products traditionally cooked – you can also eat raw. Added to salads, pieces of celery, cauliflower, florets of broccoli you can munch, dip them in a fragrant sauce with different flavors. If you prefer to eat them “soft”, join a group of enthusiasts of the vegetables prepared steamed. In particular we highly recommend now:

•    Vegetables and owocebrokuły-in 100 g contain: 83 mg of vitamin C, 111 ug of folic acid, vitamin K ng 174, 0.9 mg iron, 373 mg potassium;
•    cabbage red-100 g provides: 54 mg of vitamin C, 35 ug of folic acid, vitamin K services, 24;
•    brussel sprouts-in 100 g: 85 mg of vitamin C, vitamin K, services 570 447 ug beta-carotene and folic acid;
•    the Beijing cabbage-100 g: 79 ug of folic acid, 27 mg of vitamin C, 840 ug beta-carotene, 0.3 mg iron, 144 mg potassium;
•    cauliflower-in 100 g is: 73 mg of vitamin C, 125 ug of folic acid, vitamin K, service 167 0.6 mg iron, 328 mg potassium;
•    on strengthening-a few pieces a day (such as Apple, Orange and grapefruit) will make you feel stronger; I was just in late autumn they have the most vitamins, thanks to which we can strengthen the body against winter;
•    other components of a healthy diet, according to nutrition experts autumn diet should also contain a lot of sea fish (herring, mackerel, salmon), as well as meat (is recommended mainly veal) and poultry;
•    meat and oily fish protects against heat loss, so you should eat them now more frequently than in summer, because in this way on cold days, we will provide the body with more energy.


In autumn it is worth especially take care to minimise the loss of vitamins and trace elements. Dress salad just before eating, Cook the potatoes in their skins, and carrot, celery and parsley salad vegetable Cook without peeling.

find Autumn fruits and vegetables on platesa
find Autumn fruits and vegetables on plates

find Autumn fruits and vegetables on plates
What you’ll find in these products:

•    100 g of Turkey Breast has only 85 kcal, 2.7 g fat and 19 g protein; In addition, 0.5 mg of iron, until 1800 pg zinc, 333 mg of potassium.
•    100 g of spinach provides 2.8 mg iron, 235 mg of potassium and 93 mg calcium. One cup of spinach is 70 percent of the daily requirement on beta carotene.
•    100 g of the tracks has 162 calories, 16 g protein 0.9 mg iron, 219 mg phosphorus, 900 ug zinc; It contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce bad cholesterol.
•    100 g celery provides only 18 calories, up 321 mg of potassium, 40 mg of calcium, 78 ug of folic acid, 8 mg vitamin C 80 mg of phosphorus and plenty of fiber. carotene, 0.3 mg iron, 144 mg of potassium.